Feed a Dog | Feed Your Soul

I stopped at a convenience store today to get gas and noticed, what appeared to be a homeless man with his beagle dog sitting in front on the sidewalk.

It is heartbreaking enough to see someone that lives on the road, but doubly sad when that person has their furry friend with them.  It has to be hard enough to beg for food without worrying about feeding your dog.  Maybe not…

As I approached the store, I commented on his sweet looking beagle.  His response was, “she is my heart.”  I could cry 🙁  This man, for all of his problems or loss that he has suffered that put him in this position in his life, beamed when he mentioned his precious dog.charles chaplin dog quote

Well, all I could think about in the store was this dog going hungry…yes, I do not like to think of people going hungry, either, but a person has a voice to ask for help…man’s best friend doesn’t.

Upon leaving the store, I approached the man and handed him cans of dog food for his best buddy.

He was so appreciative and thanked me.  He responded “she has already had two cans this morning.”  It made me laugh out loud.  All of the people going in and out of this busy convenience store and I thought that this dog was going hungry.

No, people are predominantly good.  I was not the first person today to worry about these two.

I am so grateful that people give without judging a person on their outward appearance.  Yes, he was obviously homeless, but you never know what could have placed him there.

As I left, I thought about my three spoiled animals at home lying comfortably in a dry, warm house.  I found all of my furkids on the road and they could just have easily ended up in front of that convenience store with a totally different life.

I am so grateful for my warm, dry house. 🙂

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