No, No Puppy by Margaret Graziano

I have to share the work of a wonderful Montana artist, Margaret Graziano. In this art bronze she has captured the playful nature of a no puppy art

“One of the things I love about living in Montana is the exposure to the many cultures and traditions of the people who call it home.
puppy art
The people who touch my heart the most are the original ones: the Native Americans.I live near the Blackfeet Reservation and enjoy attending their Indian Days celebration each July.

“No, No Puppy!” was inspired by attending these pow-wows. Besides the excitement of the official dancing I love to watch the side lines, and the antics of the little ones.
There’s usually a dog or two, or three, thrown into the mix, and as depicted in this bronze, they can cause mischief. But there are no hard feelings! Such encounters are met with amusement and accompanied by lots of laughter!
Dogs hold a very special place with the Native Peoples of Montana, and me too!”

~Margaret Graziano~

Alphabet Soup by Rocky Jacobson

alphabet soup by rocky jacobsonI was recently shopping and had the good fortune to find a very inspiring piece of art. A man named Rocky Jacobson created a very artsy alphabet with motivational words for each letter.

Born in the beautiful Delaware River Valley, Rocky Jacobson began painting in elementary school. His teachers saw a natural talent and encouraged him to continue throughout his life. Rocky won a scholarship to the Savannah School of Art and Design and has exhibited his artwork throughout the country. His inspirational alphabet, lovingly entitled “Alphabet Soup” is a tribute to his former mentors who taught him the value of pursuing life’s passion. A quote, Rocky shares with his collectors, sums up his sentiments regarding art. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Rocky lives with his beautiful wife Ilana and their two yellow labs, Lill and Zard.