Should Dogs Wear Goggles?

This picture is way too adorable not to share. Rocket is wearing “doggles”, which are basically “doggie goggles”. He wears them on boat rides. Are they fashionable or are they functional?doggles

Dog’s eyes are no less sensitive than ours. They just don’t tend to whine as we do if something gets in them.

I found a picture of a military dog wearing doggles, also. That is definitely functional. The doggles protected his eyes, as a helicopter kicked up dust and debris taking off during an air assault operation.

Then, there is the story of a dog that was diagnosed having a visual sensitivity to sunshine when she was still a puppy. She has worn doggles ever since.

They have been recommended to people who have dogs that ride in the side car of their motorcycles, people whose dogs have cataracts and dogs with allergies.

Now, I am just visualizing riding down the road with my dogs, heads out of the window, ears flapping in the breeze and wearing doggles. Yes, they would keep bugs and debris out of their eyes, but my thought is how cool they would look wearing them 🙂

I am just grateful that someone cared enough to invent something to protect his best friend’s eyes.