The Bond Between Man and Man’s Best Friend

There is an unmistakable bond between humans and dogs.  Dogs give to us unconditionally expecting nothing in return.

Not only does your canine buddy give you companionship…

  • Studies have shown that pet owners were found to have lower blood pressure and heart rates than non-pet owners.
  • You are more likely to get out and walk with your canine companion. This is good, not only for your overall health, but helps with daily stress. Social media is fun for interaction with friends and family, but when you are out walking your dog you become more approachable by other pet owners thereby giving you an opportunity to increase your network of friends and acquaintances.
  • Service dogs create a much happier life assisting people with mental or physical disabilities. They give their human companions a more independent life.

The benefits are too numerous to list.

artist and hound dog

Glenn Swanson, a Montana artist and sculptor, is an avid dog lover and every dog’s dream human. Glenn doesn’t go looking for a new canine companion.  They place themselves in his path. I think Ginger the hound dog waited patiently near a logging road in the mountains of Montana until Glenn just happened to pass by. There are no accidents in life and as you can see from the photos of Glenn and Ginger, this was a match made in heaven.glenn swanson and hound dog

I am grateful for the multitude of benefits I get from my furry best friends.

Redtail bird by Glenn Swanson

Glenn’s work includes all types of wildlife, but his specialty is realistic portrayals of birds in flight.

“D” for Dream | Hound dog’s Dreams Come True

Months ago I spoke of a Montana artist, Glenn Swanson that rescued a hound dog from a deserted logging road in Montana.

These pictures are worth a thousand words.
hounddog and artist

Up on that lonely, cold, snowy logging road…Ginger (the hound dog) could only dream of the life in store for her. I would say that Glenn rescued Ginger that day, but if the truth be known, I am sure that it was the other way around. Life seems to bring us what we need when we need it.

hounddog watches tv

Glenn suffered the loss of his beloved “Buster” last year. And nothing is more healing than to allow another fur baby into your heart. Time really does heal.

There are stray and homeless dogs everywhere. The shelters here in Georgia are full of them.

My dream would be that the shelters were empty because everyone took the responsibility to spay or neuter their dog. Such a small thing to do that would impact our society tremendously.

Please don’t buy while shelter dogs die…

I am grateful for the organizations and veterinarians that offer discount spay/neuter to slow the overpopulation of our furry friends.

Hound Dog finds Heaven

Two Montana artists, Margaret Graziano and Glenn Swanson (very dear friends of mine) live in Columbia Falls Montana and were up in the woods on a cross country skiing adventure. They were going back to their car when they noticed a logging road with the gate left open. They decided to venture up the road. As they started up the road, they came across a female hound dog that had obviously not eaten in a very long while. She appeared to have had babies from the looks of her breasts, so they looked around, but did not see any signs of puppies. They pulled up beside the dog and opened the door and lo and behold the hound dog jumped in the truck. hound dog

They took the dog home with them and immediately had her checked out at the vet. The vet said that it had been quite awhile since she had her puppies. I am sure this put their minds at ease knowing that they had not left little baby hound dogs up in the woods.

They have been checking around to see if anyone is missing a dog and, of course, no one will claim this poor dog. There is no doubt that someone dropped this dog off.

How could you abandon an innocent living creature that depends on you and think that is O.K. Well, it is not. You do not domesticate a dog and think that when you drop it in the middle of the woods that it will be able to fend for itself. This poor dog was probably in the same vicinity that she was dropped thinking that her human would come back. It is heartbreaking! starved hound dog

This story has a happy ending because two people care so deeply for animals.

What on earth has happened to our morals when we can dump man’s best friend in the woods and sleep with a clear conscience?

I am so grateful for people in the world that go the extra mile to help one of God’s creatures.